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Inward Investment Projects

Outward Investment Project

Urban Development of Puzigang
The Construction of Changxing
The Daowu New Town Life Center
Investment Attraction for A-1-
A2 Urban Complex Construction
Comprehensive Reconstruction P
Special Pigment Project in Yan
American Ginseng Further Proce
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Outward Investment Projects

Project Name Industry Location
HBIS Serbia Blast Furnace Gas Holder & Auxiliary electricity, heat, g Europe
PV Power Generation Project (PC) of Sunon Asogli electricity, heat, g Africa
Water Supply Development Project, Mekelle, Ethio electricity, heat, g Africa,Eth
33kV Tower Line and Frame Construction Project i electricity, heat, g Asia,Sri L
Project of 13.62 Million High-performance Radial other Europe,Eur
850MW Gas-Steam Combined Cycle Power Station Pro electricity, heat, g Africa,Nig
Garraf Oil Field Water Treatment Project (EPC), water conservancy, e Asia,Iraq
Layn's Industrial Hemp Extracting and Applicatio manufacturing indust North Amer
Upgrading and Reconstruction Project (EPC) of Hi transportation, ware Oceania,Pa
Riau Gas Fired Power Plant 200 MW Project (OECD) electricity, heat, g Asia,Indon
Tantalus Rare Earth Project in Madagascar mining industry,non- Africa,Mad
Electrolytic Manganese Project of Russian Chiksu scientific research Europe,Rus
ANH Blast Furnace Ferro-Nickel Smelting (EPC), I mining industry,non- Asia,Indon
220kV Power Transmission Line (EPC), Nepal electricity, heat, g Asia,Nepal
350000t/y Clinker Cement Production Line (EPC), building industry Europe,Rus
Seawater Desalination Project (EPC) of Captive W water conservancy, e Asia,Unite
Gas Processing Plant (EPC) at Halfaya Oilfield, electricity, heat, g Asia
ADB-201220kV Power Transmission Line (EPC) electricity, heat, g Asia,Pakis
Royal Property on Nice for Sale real estate industry Europe,Fra
StarPeak 13MW Geothermal Power Generation (II), electricity, heat, g North Amer
Sales of Paris Castles (Holiday Hotel) real estate industry Europe,Fra
Sales of Paris Holiday Resort/Hotel/Castles real estate industry Europe,Fra
CEEC NWPCE's 2x1000MW Coal-fired Power Plant, Au electricity, heat, g Oceania,Au
SanGabán Hydropower Station, Peru (EPC) electricity, heat, g Latin Amer
300MW PV Power Station, Pakistan (EPC) electricity, heat, g Asia,Pakis
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