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Inward Investment Projects

Outward Investment Project

Transparent ceramic metal hali
Gongqingcheng city intelligent
gongqingcheng city Robot indus
Photoelectric industrial park
Led product production program
With an annual output of 20,00
Tongzi Hot Spring Resort
Hunting ground construction pr
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Outward Investment Projects

Project Name Industry Location
Production of vegetable seedlings Agriculture sector Europe,Bos
Czech Machining Machining Europe,Cze
Czech Engineering Engineering Europe,Cze
Czech Consumer goods Consumer goods Europe,Cze
Czech IT IT Industry Europe,Cze
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning Europe,Cze
Czech Furniture Furniture industry Europe,Cze
Czech IT Industry IT Industry Europe,Cze
Czech Shipbuilding Shipbuilding Europe,Cze
Automotive, consumer goods, machinery Automotive, consumer Europe,Cze
Czech Construction Construction Europe,Cze
Czech Packaging Packaging Europe,Cze
Plastic injection moulding automotive Europe,Cze
Czech Furniture industry Furniture industry Europe,Cze
Czech Textile Textile Europe,Cze
Czech Mining machinery Mining machinery Europe,Cze
Automotive Automotive Europe,Cze
Machinery and mining equipment Machinery, mining eq Europe,Cze
Glass Industry Glass Industry Europe,Cze
China ICT Smart Solutions Consulting Europe,Slo
Slovenia CEE Software Launch Platform Software Europe,Slo
Slovenia Ski resorts Sport and turist bus Europe,Slo
Chinese Winter Sport Center Medical and Cultural Europe,Slo
Worlds largest indoor Ski City Architecture and des Europe,Slo
The Sportskid Whisperer Sport and Education Europe,Slo
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