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Inward Investment Projects

Outward Investment Project

Siping Modified Graphite Produ
Siping Floating Coil Heat Exch
Liaoyuan Base Construction Pro
Liaoyuan Aluminum Trailer Proj
Liaoyuan Aluminum Coal Trucks
Liaoyuan Aluminum Alloy Cable
Jilin CO2-based Synthetic Leat
Siping Automatic Unattended He
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Inward Investment Projects
Project Name Industry  Location
Expansion of Tonic Wine Production Project of We agriculture, forestr shandong,w
Ginger Deep Processing Project of Weihai Jili Fo agriculture, forestr shandong,w
Production Project of Marine Bioactive Extracts, agriculture, forestr shandong,w
Weihai Hest Chain Fishing Tackle Project other shandong,w
Chinese-Foreign Cooperation Project of Precision manufacturing indust shandong,w
Ecological & Leisure Agriculture Development Pro agriculture, forestr shandong,w
LED Photoelectricity Technology Park Project of manufacturing indust shandong,w
Weihai Dongchu Island Coastal Tourism Developmen other shandong,w
Weihai Banyue Wan Business & Residential Develop real estate industry shandong,w
Modification and Expansion Project of Weihai Bai manufacturing indust shandong,w
Automatic Production Line Project of Food Raw Ma manufacturing indust shandong,w
Raw Chicken Slaughtering, Splitting & Packaging agriculture, forestr shandong,w
Comprehensive Investment Project of Yatai City, other shandong,w
Full Biodegradable Composites and Auto Interior manufacturing indust
Natural Astaxanthin Technology and Industrializa agriculture, forestr shandong,w
Desulfurization System and Equipment Development manufacturing indust shandong,w
Special Motor for TYPL Permanent Magnet Frequenc manufacturing indust shandong,w
Special Engineering Plastic Application Project manufacturing indust shandong,w
High Wear-resistant Special Alloy Steel New Mate manufacturing indust shandong,w
Rushan Port Expansion Project other shandong,w
Coastal Tourism Attraction Development Project o other
Chu Village Industrial Park Project of Lianqiao scientific research shandong,w
Upgrade and Modification Project of Complete Ply manufacturing indust shandong,w
Huiju Electroplating Industrial Park Project leasing and business shandong,w
Hengke Industrial Printer Project manufacturing indust shandong,w
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