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Inward Investment Projects

Outward Investment Project

Construction Project for Olymp
Project for Production of Auto
100,000 t/a Coal Tar Deep Proc
Construction Project of Four-s
Project of High-Tech Agricultu
Fenghua Sunshine Bay Tourist R
Automobile and Motorcycle Core
100,000t/a Compound Feed Proje
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Outward Investment Projects

Project Name Industry Location
 Innovative plasma-catalytic odour removal Innovation Europe,Hun
3 BIO - Bioethanol, Biogas And Biomass Plant Green energy Europe,Hun
Lake Park Offices and Residences Real Estate Europe,Hun
Medical service financing project-mHealth Platfo Education, hygiene, North Amer
Financial service technology financing project-S Financial industry
Medical service financing project-Renew Spinal C Education, hygiene, North Amer
Petroleum and Natural Gas Website Financing Proj Information transmis
Driver Financing project-Orbital Traction Manufacturing indust
Petroleum Enterprise Management Software Financi Information transmis North Amer
Oil and Natural Gas Mining Financing Project - M Mining, oil and natu
Biological Fuel Financing Project - EBIO Electric power, heat North Amer
Energy Financing Project – Amros Corporation Mining, oil and natu
Renewable Energy Financing Project - AngelNet En Mining, other kinds North Amer
Energy Investment Financing Project - Alzare Gro Mining
Oil and Natural Gas Exploration Financing Projec Mining, oil and natu
Internet of Things, Big Data Financing Project - Information transmis North Amer
EhomeHealth Education, health, r North Amer
Environment, Sewage Treatment Financing Project Education, health, r North Amer
Drinkwell Education, health, r North Amer
Medical Instrument Financing Project - Saranas Education, health, r
Digital Health Financing Project – BrainCheck Education, health, r North Amer
Medical Instrument Financing Project - Adhesys M Education, health, r North Amer
Biological Pharmacy Financing Project Education, health, r North Amer
Healthcare Software Financing Project Education, health, r North Amer
Cross-border Investment and Trading Market Finan Financial industry North Amer
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