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Inward Investment Projects

Outward Investment Project

Siping Modified Graphite Produ
Siping Floating Coil Heat Exch
Liaoyuan Base Construction Pro
Liaoyuan Aluminum Trailer Proj
Liaoyuan Aluminum Coal Trucks
Liaoyuan Aluminum Alloy Cable
Jilin CO2-based Synthetic Leat
Siping Automatic Unattended He
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Inward Investment Projects
Project Name Industry  Location
1200-set (unit) /a All-in-one Advanced-sewage-tr Manufacturing indust Xuzhou Cit
150 MW/a Amorphous Silicon Membrane Solar Cell P Manufacturing indust Xuzhou Cit
500 Kt/a Polyester and Melt Spinning (Polyester Manufacturing indust Bayingolin
300 Kt/a MS Wood-plastic New Material Project Manufacturing indust Xuzhou Cit
500-million/a Photoelectric Sensor Project Computer, communicat Xuzhou Cit
50Kt/a Polyurethane Fiber (Spandex) Project Manufacturing indust Bayingolin
Automatic Electromechanical Control Devices for Special-purpose equi Xuzhou Cit
One-million-meter Digital Printing Fabric Projec Manufacturing indust Bayingolin
LED Epitaxial Wafer, Chip and Packaging Product Manufacturing indust Xinjiang U
Straw Board, Straw Wood Flooring and All kinds o Furniture manufactur Xuzhou Cit
Locomotive Industrial Base Project Special-purpose equi Xuzhou Cit
Huangshan Old Village Renovation Project Real Estate Xuzhou Cit
Comprehensive Expo Center of Huaihai Internation Leasing and business Xuzhou Cit
Huade County Logistics Park Internal Road Constr Communication & Tran Ulanqab Ci
Guishan Village Project of Gulou District Leasing and business Xuzhou Cit
Creative 68 Cultural Industrial Park Phase Two o Leasing and business Xuzhou Cit
Cloud Computing Engineers Training Base Project other Suzhou Cit
Engineering Machinery Key Parts Supporting Proje Special-purpose equi Xuzhou Cit
High-end Numerically-controlled Machine Tool Pro Special-purpose equi Xuzhou Cit
Fengshang Milan Cultural Enterprise Incubator Leasing and business Xuzhou Cit
Fengxian County High and New Tech Industrial Par Information transmis Xuzhou Cit
Large Rendering Cloud Computing Center Information transmis Xuzhou Cit
Investment Attraction for Ship and Boat Manufact Manufacturing and ra Qingdao Ci
Development and Construction Project of Printing other shanxi,tai
Project of Newly Manufacturing Five Million Powe manufacturing indust shanxi,jin
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