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Project Description
Project Description
Clover Deep Processing Project

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Type of Investment Intention Domestic Investment
Location of Investment Intention jilin,Baishan 
Investment Mode joint,cooperation 
Type of Investment
Industry manufacturing industry,textile industry 
Introduction of Company/Organisation
Validity of Investment Intention Six months 
Estimated Investment  Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Introduction of Products  
Investment Intention Description

I. Background: In the No. 9 Agriculture Production Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there are good irrigation conditions and rich thermal resources, which are suitable for growth of alfalfa, A’erjingang clover and other top-grade clovers. In particular, alfalfa is a leguminous forage, most widely used and most important in the world and is broadly distributed with the longest planting history and highest economic value in China. It has been praised as the “King of Forage”. It not only has a high yield, but also is of top quality and loved by various breeders. With high protein, high mineral substance content, high microelement content, high energy and high digestibility, it is a good feed crop with very high amino acid content. In dry clover, the amino acid content is 5.7 times than that in corn. Moreover, it contains various vitamins and microelements. In No. 9 Agriculture Production Division and surrounding places, the clover reserve is about 500,000mu with clover yield up to 300,000 tons. Every year, a large number of clovers are transferred to other places. The project is planned to make full use of vast land resources in No. 9 Agriculture Production Division to build up a clover deep processing and industrialized development project, so as to provide the people with coarse fiber food and support grand development of No. 9 Agriculture Production Division as well. Additionally, it meets national policies for ecological environmental improvement and returning farmland to forest. II. Contruction content: It is proposed to build a 100,000t/a clover lucerne particle and powder series product line. III. Investment estimate: RMB 15 million. IV. Benefit analysis: The annual profit is RMB 7.5 million, with a payback period of 2 years. V. Location of construction site: the 168th Regiment, No. 9 Agriculture Production Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

Requirement for Partnership
Project Proposal
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