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Project Description
Project Description
The Tourism and Trade City of Eight Countries

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Type of Investment Intention Domestic Investment
Location of Investment Intention jiangxi,YiChun 
Investment Mode joint,cooperation 
Type of Investment
Industry hotel and catering services industry 
Introduction of Company/Organisation
Validity of Investment Intention a Year 
Estimated Investment  Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Introduction of Products  
Investment Intention Description

1) Clear Functional Partition The project is made up of eight zones, four pieces and one centre. The eight zones respectively represent such countries as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and India. The parking lots are at the four corners with a rounded square as the centre, within which locates the Centre Pavilions in eastern and western areas. (2) Convenient Transportation It installs eight entrances with a nearby parking lot. Eight business streets crossed with three circuits and a center traffic square jointly form into a convenient transportation system. (3)Distinct Islamic Characteristics Business district adopts low-rise buildings on the ground. The streets are constituted by several individual buildings encircling a small center square, which employs the application of traditional gardening technique to build rich landscape space. The combination of the large and small architectural layers with the roofs pointing towards different directions and the alternatively positioned flat roofs embodies the rich tradition of Islamic architecture and different national architectural features of the eight countries.

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