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Project Description
Project Description
Investment Project of Russian Borderland Forestry Industry Base

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Type of Investment Intention Overseas Investment
Location of Investment Intention  
Investment Mode joint,cooperation 
Type of Investment
Finance leasing projects 
Industry agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery 
Introduction of Company/Organisation Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East
Validity of Investment Intention Six months 
Estimated Investment 1100 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Introduction of Products  
Investment Intention Description

The project is located in the Russian border region, including the Svetlogorje, Svetlana, Dalignskorsk, Usulsk and the Olga. The border has great potential for logging, with a total of 4179.2 thousand hectares of forest available for lease, of which 2292.2 thousand hectares are available for logging. The total value of wood exported from the areas in 2017 was about $3.898 billion, and showed a continuous growth trend in the last three years. The primary export wood products are round log, converted timber and deep processing products. In addition, the federal government of the Russian has formulated a series of preferential policies pertaining to forestry investment, including the land tax exemption for Max. 3 years, the income tax and property tax exemption for Max. 5 years, and the insurance premium discount,etc.

Requirement for Partnership Please feel free to contact CIPA for more information.
Project Proposal
Company/Organisation Contacts

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