Project Name
Hejing County Kuike Wu Su Stone Forest Tourism Development Project
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Development Area
Project Type Greenfield projects investment
Investment Mode not limited
Industry Other
Location Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Project Advantages Xinjiang Hejing Kuike Wu Su Shilin Geopark is the only Geopark with autonomous regional level in Bazhou, which is located in the western section of Tianshan Mountains and under the Kuike Wusu Daban in the northern foot of Mount Nalati. In stone forest area, the average elevation is 3202 meters. It is 9 kilometers long, 5 kilometers wide and the relative height is 30 meters, covering an area of 45 square kilometers. Style of stone forest group is in thousands of postures. Stone forest, canyon, waterfall and geological and geomorphic landscape in the park have very high value for scientific research, geological research, appreciation and tourism development. Bayanbulak Wetland in Hejing County has successfully been applied for as a world natural heritage. Bayanbulak Scenic Region plans to create scenic spot with 5A Class and gradually increase tourism popularity. At present, the number of tourists is more than 1000000 every year. This project can be taken as the expansion of Bayanbulak Scenic Region Tourism Project, which can further enrich activities of tourists and meet the needs of tourists. Therefore, the project has broad market prospects.
Project validity period Two years
Project Investment Attraction Progress in negotiation
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Project properties permitted
Total amount of project capitals 1300
Total amount of investment to be attracted 1300 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected investment payback period Ten Thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected employment figure
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Description of project contents Hejing County kuike Wu Su Stone Forest Tourism Development Project