Project Name
Sx14-21 Magnesium Alloy New Material R&D Deep Processing Base Project
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Development Area
Project Type Greenfield projects investment
Investment Mode joint venture,wholly-owned,Other
Industry Manufacturing industry
Location Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province
Project Advantages Government of Heshun County shall carry out way of cooperation with scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and enterprises related to the industry and look for potential magnesium alloy material development and application project, to accelerate developing key terminal product of high technical content and additional value, actively introduce new technology, strongly develop magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy die castings and new equipment manufactured products, put forth efforts to build “Technology R&D Center of Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy”, “High-tech Product Manufacturing Center” and “State-level Magnesium Industry Engineering Technology Center”, making Heshun County the “City of Magnesium Alloy Terminal Product” of international influence. Heshun County has abundant coal, dolomite and other required raw material in manufacturing magnesium alloy products, with support of preference in governmental policy, complete in industrial base of the industry, water supply, heat supply, power supply, communication and other infrastructure, for use of the company’s name.
Project validity period Two years
Project Investment Attraction Progress in negotiation
Mark key
Project properties encouraged
Total amount of project capitals 16000
Total amount of investment to be attracted 16000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected investment payback period Ten Thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected employment figure
Description of environment protection
Description of investor conditions
Description of project contents It is planned to build an industry chain base of circular economy of magnesium alloy focusing on leading product of magnesium alloy products (magnesium alloy ingot, sheet material, bar material, tube and pipe, wires, strips and so on). It includes the magnesium alloy deep processing base with magnesium alloy high-end product as the leading product (luggage compartment of airplane, seats, baggage holder of high-speed rail, seats, automobile hub, foot plate, cover cap of engine and dynamo, computer case, mobile telephone shell, magnesium alloy bicycle and other products), and cooperating with each scientific research institutions in the province, with the main purpose of expanding application field of magnesium alloy, to establish large-scale R&D center for new product of magnesium alloy, and promote and expand application of magnesium alloy products. At the same time, within the base, there shall be equipped with the biggest R&D center for new material of magnesium alloy cross the county, a pilot test base of magnesium products, a large-scale state-level quality test center for magnesium and magnesium alloy.