Project Name
[Sx14-22]4×300MW Power Generating Project by Integrated Utilization of Coal Gangue
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Development Area
Project Type Greenfield projects investment
Investment Mode joint venture,Other
Industry Electricity, heat, gas and water production and supply
Location Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province
Project Advantages Shanxi Luxin Energysources Group is the large-scale enterprise integrating raw coal mining, vanning, coking, chemical engineering, electricity generating and logistics, with over ten thousand current employees, covering an area of over 5000 mu, with the total assets up to 8 billion RMB and sales revenue of 11 billion RMB. Luxin Energysources Group sticks to the road of recycling economy, cleaner production and sustainable development, construct complete product chain of coal—coking—electricity, coal—coking—chemical engineering, cogeneration, top grade resisting material and form the layout of Luxin Recycling Economy Park, through over a decade of arduous entrepreneurship, which has reached the current scale of company business: ○1390 Ten thousand tons of coking coal; ○2washing 5000000 tons of raw coal; ○31000000 tons of coke; ○44×6000KW electricity generating; ○5100000 tons for crude benzol hydrofining; ○6and other supporting industries of commerce, logistics and so on, by virtue of its quality product and good reputation, Luxin Energysources Group gains wide recognition among the society and determined to be one of the key large-scale enterprises supported by the 12th Five Year Plan of provincial and municipal governments.
Project validity period Two years
Project Investment Attraction Progress in negotiation
Mark key
Project properties encouraged
Total amount of project capitals 100000
Total amount of investment to be attracted 75000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected investment payback period 8 Ten Thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected employment figure
Description of environment protection
Description of investor conditions (IV) Supplementary condition of project: field, road, water, electricity, communication related to the project and other supplementary facilities are complete. (V) Market forecasting and benefit analysis after establishment of the project: when the yearly generating capacity reaching 7.2 billion Kw since its establishment, and the investment recovery period is 8 years, at internal rate of return of 10.45﹪ of total investment, which not only eases power shortage in Jiexiu area, but the economic income continues to rapid increase. The project conforms to national development planning, development strategy of building energy-saving and environment-friendly society and requirement for policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, of highly obvious integration of economy, environment and social benefit.
Description of project contents Content of project: the project utilizes local abundant resource of coal gangue, newly-builds 4×300MW power plants by comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, for power generating, urban heat supply, steam supply in industrial park, fly ash comprehensive utilization, it is prepared to apply boiler of circulating fluid bed and direct air condensed steam turbine, for water supply, it shall apply urban sewage treatment works to dispose recycled water, which shall really realize sustainable development of recycling economy. (II) Project investment estimate: total investment into the project is 6.2 billion RMB, intended to attract investment of 4.5 billion RMB and enterprise shall self-raise 1.7 billion RMB (III) Scale of project construction: content of construction is mainly to build 4×300MW air-cooling generator set of coal gangue and its ancillary facilities, and the yearly generating capacity is 7.2 billion Kw/h, for use of urban area of Jiexiu, with an area of 970 Ten thousand square meters, and the construction period is 24 months.