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Project Description
Project Name
German Distributed Energy Project
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Project Type Equity investment projects

Investment Mode
technology transfer,Other
Industry  Water conservancy, environment and administration of public facilities
Location Beijing City
Project Advantages The project is inherited from basic technology 100 years ago, which is stable and reliable. Product application ranks the frontier of science and technology through update and research and development for 30 years. At present, 50 sets of the latest equipment have been put into production around the world- dual fire reactor with the worldwide patent previously developed by chief engineer of gasification reactor in Germany Company (invention company of steam engine and internal combustion engine)- filtration system after gasification is autogenous circulatory system without recontamination-generated hydrogen and carbon monoxide can be purified and used in other chemical applications, such as the polymerization of olefins- which is suitable for processing radioactive contaminants (such as nuclear contamination)- modular combination of equipment and highly automated integrated control system which are flexible and easy to operate- the smallest product installed in container, you can move it to provide energy and dispose of waste.
Project validity period Six months
Mark key 
Project properties encouraged
Estimated Investment
Total amount of project capitals 1000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Total amount of investment to be attracted 2000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue  Ten thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected investment payback period  Year
Expected employment figure People
Project description
Description of environment protection

Distributed small power generation, loss of energy resource during the process of transportation can be saved- professional team utilizes the waste heat to supply heat and cool air for district by using the most advanced method - pollution can be solved, all garbage in small towns and sludge can become raw material

Description of investor conditions
Localization stage: Chinese model has been developed by investing nearly one million euros to carry out localization. Development stage: production planning and quantified production have been carried out by investing five million euros and stock right shall be shown in specific plan after signing confidentiality and intention agreement. Energy investment stage: utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology to carry out financing and launching distributed energy and waste disposal BOT project of small towns
Description of project contents
Gasification carbon-based materials (wood, coal, straw, garbage and sludge, etc.) can produce combustible gas to provide 1KW to 10MW (greater power can be provided in module form ) power supply
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