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Project Description
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Introduction to Horse Culture and Creative Industrial Park Project of Hulunbuir
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Project Type Greenfield investment projects

Investment Mode
Industry  other
Location Inner Mongolia,Hulunbeir?
Project Advantages I. Advantages and conditions: Evenki Banner now has over 20,000 kinds of horses, and has the largest group of Sanhe horses throughout the country. Evenki has historical and fine traditions in breeding, taming and racing, and boasts a large group of racing people and various talents in each specialty. Therefore, Evenki owns the resource advantage to undertake equestrian sports and racing activities. Over a few years, with the great support of the Party Committee and government of Evenki, Evenki has established the Association of Horse Industry, Equestrian School (Equestrian Base), Kexing Horse Industry Company (Breeding Base) and other organizations in relation to horse industry in succession. Evenki is blessed with unparalleled conditions to develop horse culture and horse industry, in terms of both guarantee of official organizations and the folk affections. Evenki Banner possesses sufficient land and activity area. The construction of Horse Cultural Park of Hulunbuir is guaranteed by sufficient land supplied and allows various activities in relation to horse industry on the grassland of 12,000 square kilometers.
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Estimated Investment
Total amount of project capitals 6075 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Total amount of investment to be attracted 68964 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue  Ten thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected investment payback period  Year
Expected employment figure People
Project description
Description of environment protection

Description of investor conditions
Investment: all projects have been invested through governmental investment promotion. It is further required to preferentially arrange all projects in relation to horse industry and tourism industry in the Horse Cultural Park, in order to support the horse culture industry and become significant components on this industrial chain, as well as to construct a large tourist attraction, the biggest horse town in China as the symbol of this area.
Description of project contents
The planning and construction work for Horse Cultural Park includes four functions which are horse culture theme, coordination of urban function, coordination of ecological function and coordination of tourism function. This project is comprised of Sebin Horse Pasturing Town, Equestrianism and Horse Industry School, Evenki Horse Cultural Park, Evenki Culture & Sports Park, Waterfront Landscape Gallery, Ecological Husbandry Leisure Park and Holiday Resort (Villa Area), etc. Evenki will make efforts to develop the grassland culture as core features, extend the industrial chain of horse culture, highlight the grassland tourism culture and construct a national-level demonstrative zone of horse culture industry, an important modern husbandry ecological demonstrative base in north pasturing area of China, an important equestrian holiday & resort base of Inner Mongolia, a tourism service camp of Hulunbuir Grassland and a folk culture experience base of Evenki Banner that integrates tourism service, popularization of agricultural science, business leisure, grassland sports and high-end resort or integrates tourism, sightseeing, relaxation, entertainment, fitness and sports. III. Construction measures in aspect of planning and construction: the project should be carried out in the principles of capital contribution by enterprises and land acquisition by government; reticular structure and dotted acquisition; equal replacement and overall development. Sufficient riding way will be reserved in urban and rural areas. IV. To make up the insufficient income of early projects, it is required to add projects that create income. In addition to holding or undertaking countrywide and international competitions at all levels, enterprises and clubs including race courses can undertake the training of equestrian teams at national and local levels, develop membership club namely establishing equestrian club and golf club and holding various equestrian sport meetings and outdoor riding activities by using vast grassland with the support of various horse committees. These projects and activities should meet the requirements of undertaking countrywide and international large commercial racing activities and sport events of each ethnicity and also should focus on consumption of surroundings in all seasons and the demand of domestic and foreign tourists. The Horse Industry Park, under the guidance of the government, combines the developments of 揈xcellent Tourism County in China?and festival activity brand of horse culture, maintains and improves equestrian and racing activities with local ethnical features and makes traditional racing, modern racing and cross-ethnicity racing more wonderful. Then, it is not only an important tourist attraction but a hot spot of culture and entertainment of Hulunbuir City. People here can study and receive professional training about equestrian tactics, watch countrywide and international first-level equestrian competitions, so that the temperament, perseverance and physical fitness will be cultivated and improved. V. The development goal of Horse Cultural Park is an important part of national-level modern husbandry demonstrative area established under the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture, an importance platform for the government of the Banner to energetically develop horse culture and also an effective bridge to connect husbandry and tourism. Evenki is determined to develop the core features of grassland culture, extend the industrial chain of horse culture while taking into account the grassland tourism culture, and construct a national-level horse culture industry demonstrative zone, equestrian holiday & resort base of Inner Mongolia, tourism service camp of Hulunbuir Grassland and folk culture experience base of Evenki Banner that integrates tourism service, popularization of agricultural science, business leisure, grassland sports and high-end resort. The Park will make efforts to obtain positive supports of relevant departments, in a bid to construct the largest national equestrian training base and the equestrianism and tourism photography base, and become the host for the national or international meetings of tourism heads (director-generals and presidents).
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