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Project Description
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100,000 t/a Coal Tar Deep Processing Project
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Project Type Greenfield investment projects

Investment Mode
Industry  manufacturing industry
Location 13th Agricultural Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps
Project Advantages
Project validity period a
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Project properties encouraged
Estimated Investment
Total amount of project capitals 30000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Total amount of investment to be attracted 30000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue 22000 Ten thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected investment payback period 4 Year
Expected employment figure People
Project description
Description of environment protection

Description of investor conditions
Description of project contents
Basic information: Coal tar is the byproduct produced in the process of coking industry with the yield taking up about 4% of coking products, and the ingredient is complex mixture composed of aromatic hydrocarbons. Coal tar contains tens of thousands types of organic matters, among which, more than 500 types have been identified so far, industrial purified products that can be produced worldwide are only in over 250 types, and the coking products nominally included in the production plan in China amount to 120 types, but less than 70 types of them can be normally produced. In the planning of the project, tar processing products mainly include industrial naphthalene, absorber oil, methyl naphthalene oil, dephenolized phenol oil, crude phenol, #1 anthracene oil, #2 anthracene oil, light oil and medium temperature asphalt, etc., these have been widely used in chemical industry. Deeply processed coal tar products can be widely used in plastic, fuel, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, medicine, pesticide and other industries. At present, the satisfaction rate of domestic tar processing product market is only 80%, and hundreds of thousands tons of them need to be imported each year. Along with the economic development in China, demand of tar processing products will grow faster.
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