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Green Electroplating Transformation Project
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Development Area
Project Type Other projects
Investment Mode not limited,wholly-owned,Other
Industry manufacturing industry
Location guizhou,Liupanshui 
Project Advantages Industry planning: Liuzhi Special Region covers a planned area of 11.73 km2. The starting area includes Laobudi and Mingle with a construction area of 3.14km2. With vigorous development of circular economy, high-tech industry, new energy, new construction materials, agricultural & special food processing, leisure & tourism and other projects, it aims to build an integrated industry system with equal stress on industry and modern service, and achieve the sustainable development of economy and industries, which indicate a development planning as the development zone. Estimated cost: A rent-free policy (on the basis of decision) for three to five years will be given to the newly introduced enterprises for their standard plants. For a standard plant with a rent of RMB12/m2, if the investment is sufficient to the requirement, a policy of “three-year exemption and two-year half payment” is applicable; for the public rental housing with a rent of RMB3/m2, the property management fee is RMB600/house each year. The staff salary in the zone is applicable to the minimum salary standard in Liupanshui – RMB1,570/month, while the average salary is RMB2,400/month (including various allowances), and the property management fee of the plant is RMB1/m2/month. The fare of residential electricity is RMB0.455/degree, and the water rate is RMB2/m2. CR Power was settled in Yanjiao Park with two 660M units, each of which can generate 120KW per day, featuring sufficient power supply and low fare. The intelligent terminal industry brings a great demand of electroplating: The main industry of Mugang Park, Liuzhi Special Region, Liupanshui is the intelligent terminal manufacturing. A lot of enterprises were settled in the park, of which the electroplating became the necessary industry support. Golden Fingerprint Group is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of intelligent door locks and holds over 1,700 agencies. The high output drives the increase of electroplating demand. The company has introduced a production line of nano-coating, which is not put into operation. After the introduction of the project, an increasing number of green electroplating enterprises will be introduced to form an industry conglomeration.
Project validity period Two years
Project Investment Attraction Progress in negotiation
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Project properties encouraged
Total amount of project capitals 5942
Total amount of investment to be attracted 5942 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue 53000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected investment payback period 5 Ten Thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected employment figure 200
Description of environment protection
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Description of project contents The project covers an area of about 15mu and floorage of 80,000m2 with total investment of RMB400 million, and mainly includes construction engineering, supportive works, equipment procurement & installation and operation & maintenance in the later stage. The green coating technologies like nano-coating, nano-ionization green coating, alloy catalytic liquid and chemical coating are now available in the market for its advantages (e.g. zero content of heavy metal, high security and no water pollution) superior to traditional electroplating technologies. Its corrosion resistance is two to three times to the traditional technologies, reaching the standards for special decoration electroplating testing. Without any dust, it can be extensively applied to Internet+, intelligent equipment manufacturing, robot and intelligent systems, and is suitable for various metal base, featuring one to two flows in polishing comparing to traditional electroplating. The nano dry coating technology can reduce the thickness of gold plating layer, and, in some applications, silver plating can even replace gold plating, which can greatly lower the production cost. Feedback from relevant enterprises say that the cost of green electroplating is a quarter to that of the traditional electroplating, indicating a promising prospect. The project can replace the traditional electroplating as it is able to reduce power consumption and emission, eliminate all the pollutions from electroplating, and thus protect environment, and solve the contradiction between sustainable development and environmental pollution, thereby making great contributions in building the environmentally friendly and resource-saving society. After the design capacity is reached, the project is expected to contribute an annual sales of RMB530 million, including an income tax of RMB32.18 million and net profit of RMB96.55 million, and record a return on investment of 21% and investment payoff period of 5.49 years. Meanwhile, it is expected to create 200 employment opportunities, showing great social and economic benefits.