Project Name
Aircraft Emergency and Rescue Equipment Project
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Development Area
Project Type Other projects
Investment Mode not limited,wholly-owned
Industry manufacturing industry,railway, shipbuilding, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing industry
Location guizhou,Guiyang 
Project Advantages
Project validity period Two years
Project Investment Attraction Progress in negotiation
Mark general
Project properties encouraged
Total amount of project capitals 3714
Total amount of investment to be attracted 3714 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue 64800 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected investment payback period 4 Ten Thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected employment figure 200
Description of environment protection
Description of investor conditions
Description of project contents The project covers an area of 80 mu (53333.6 square meters), with a total building area of 40,000 square meters and an estimated total investment of 250 million yuan. The main construction contents include standard processing workshops (casting workshop, quality inspection workshop, hardening and tempering workshop, rough machining workshop, finish machining workshop, component assembly workshop, commissioning workshop, positioning inspection workshop, automatic packaging workshop, etc.) and support facilities (including finished goods warehouse, raw material warehouse, casting storage yard, etc.), office building, R&D center and other supporting service facilities (water, electricity, road, greening, security, parking lot, power supply system, water supply and drainage system, fire control facility, etc.). According to the scale of production, the production equipment required by the project include high precision CNC grinding machine, CMM measuring, high-precision CNC machining center, roughing mill, rolling mill, lathe, CNC horizontal milling and boring machine, CNC external cylindrical grinding machine, vibrometer, voltage tester, detection control system, air compressor, detecting instrument and equipment, machine maintenance equipment, office and other environmental protection and energy saving equipment. Air rescue has become an indispensable emergency measure in the process of social and economic development, which guarantees the stable development of the aviation industry. Therefore, aircraft emergency rescue equipment is indispensable in the process of aircraft rescue and in the operational process of aircraft. A large number of aircraft emergency rescue equipment (aircraft rescue jacking airbag, aircraft rescue towing platform, aircraft rescue sling, aircraft rescue fixed zipper, aircraft rescue activity runway, aircraft landing-gear hanger, fire control facility, etc.) have been put into use, which guarantees the passage security of the airport and provides security measures for aircraft. Currently, there are 7 civil airports in Guizhou, and there are no specialized airport equipment manufacturers. Airport equipment is mainly purchased from outside the province. Therefore, by introducing aircraft emergency rescue equipment manufacturers, we can not only meet the existing and future needs of airport rescue equipment in Guizhou, but also attract different types of airport equipment manufacturers to settle in Guizhou, forming an industrial cluster. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual sales revenue is RMB 648 million, the net profit is RMB 61.75 million, the rate of return on investment is 29.39%, and the investment recovery period is 4.01 years. The project is estimated to generate more than 200 jobs, with good social and economic benefits.