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An Aviation Culture Town in Dianbu, Qingdao
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Project Type Equity investment projects

Investment Mode
Industry  other
Location shandong,Qingdao
Project Advantages
Project validity period a year
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Estimated Investment
Total amount of project capitals 5000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Total amount of investment to be attracted 5000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue  Ten thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected investment payback period  Year
Expected employment figure People
Project description
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Description of project contents
The Aviation Culture Town was listed as a characteristic town in Shandong Province in January 2017 and it is the Qingdao’s only characteristic town focusing on the development of the navigation industry; Qingdao is a pilot city for the reform of low-altitude management in China. With a total investment of 19.8 billion yuan, the project covers an area of 6 square kilometers and mainly involves pillar industries such as aviation education, aviation transportation, aviation manufacturing and aviation food. The core area of the Aviation Culture Town is located in Dianbu, adjacent to Xingdian Road in the east, Nancheng Line in the west, Diandong Road in the south and Taodong Road in the north. The town will comprise six major areas — an education area, a technology research and development area, a tourism and leisure area, a residential area, a general airport area and an aviation industrial park. An aviation vocational education park, the Pan-American K12 Education Center, an academician workstation, the Pan-American Makers’ Park, the Pan-American Huijing Hi-tech Industrial Park, general airports and the Dream Garden City International Residential Area, Fantasy Aviation City, a navigation town, etc. will be established to integrate study, research, innovation, production, residence and travel and meet people’s demand for a internationalized, intelligent and technology-driven lifestyle. After completion, the establishments will lay a solid foundation for the further development of the Aviation Culture Towns in such aspects as enhancing popularity, supporting talent, clustering industries, creating an ideal environment and extending cultural connotations. Dianbu will also build a general aviation demonstration zone relying on the construction of the Aviation Culture Town to bring in 5 major industries — aviation education, aviation transportation, aviation manufacturing, aviation tourism and aviation food. The Qingdao North Aviation Vocational School, the Qingdao North Aviation Specialized College, the Qingdao North Aviation Vocational College and the Qingdao Aviation Technology College will be established, covering a total area of 1.7 square kilometers with an actual construction area of about 500,000 square meters. The total investment will reach 6 billion yuan. By 2022, the schools will enroll 40,000 students and train air crew members, flight attendants, air policeman, air traffic controllers, airplane repairers, security inspectors, VIP attendants, check-in operators and other aviation professionals. The school buildings amounting to 118,000 square meters will be officially put into operation in August and the Qingdao North Aviation Vocational School will begin to enroll students. The construction of the east section has been completed and listed as a national 3A tourist attraction. Now, the college is applying to be the first national 4A tourist attraction in the Aviation Academy category. The annual income of the four schools can reach 1.5 billion yuan, with an annual tax payment of 150 million yuan. Meanwhile, K12 education will be taken into account to improve the tertiary industry in Dianbu and its surrounding towns and to create a full-chain brand cluster for civil aviation education integrating four aspects: applied undergraduate courses, higher vocational courses, secondary vocational courses and other training. In 2016, Dianbu successfully introduced the Aviation College, civil airports and other projects related to the aviation industry. On January 6, 2017, with the approval of the General Office of the Shandong Provincial People’s Government (Document No. 16, 2017), the Aviation Culture Town in Dianbu, Laixi City was listed as a characteristic town of Shandong Province, which made it Qingdao’s only characteristic town focusing on the development of the aviation industry. Currently, there are over 300 aviation towns in the U.S. As the second largest economy in the world, the State Council and the Military Commission of the Central Committee of the CPC issued Opinions on Deepening the Reform of China’s Low- altitude Airspace Management in 2010. As the first pilot city, Qingdao faces a new opportunity for the development of general aviation. Over the 10 years to come, the throughput of China’s general aviation industry will reach 1.500 trillion yuan. In the following 15 years, the country is expected to build 1,600 general airports. The concept of the aviation town will be increasingly mentioned. It will have broad market prospects to construct aviation culture towns by relying on the aviation industry, general airports, etc., focusing on aviation experiences and combining tourism and culture. Building aviation towns serves as an innovative model to develop the aviation industry in a multi-dimensional and multi-level manner. The ratio of industrial input and market output is 1:6 and the employment improvement ratio is 1:12. The investment will be determined according to the number of parties involved and the modes of cooperation include sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation, etc.
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