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Project Description
Project Name
African Foreign Partnership Development for Gold Trade and Mineral Products
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Project Type Equity investment projects

Investment Mode
Industry  Mining industry, non-ferrous mental mining-selection industry
Project Advantages
Project validity period Six months
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Project properties encouraged
Estimated Investment
Total amount of project capitals 5 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Total amount of investment to be attracted 1 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue  Ten thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected investment payback period  Year
Expected employment figure People
Project description
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Description of investor conditions
Description of project contents
The company undertakes a large number of African projects, the main areas of which include Ghana, Guinea, and Nigeria. The formalities and information need to be further followed and traced due to long process of project joint, so we are seeking for cooperation partners to development and joint together. The Project Manager masters all terms of LC with over 30 years’ international trade experience. The raised fund is used for fund occupation and circulating fund turnover at the trade process of gold and minerals or used for issuing LC. The financing of the international gold trade project is in accordance with circulating trade project per batch, and the property in goods is supervised by investor and accountant sent by investor with special fund for intended purpose. The profit of investor is returned with fixed 10%. In case profit cannot be earned to investor, the unearned profit shall be complemented next month. Break even withdrawal, listed withdrawal or long-term cooperation. No obligatory right temporary. Seek for cooperation partner and financial investor. The gold trade means importing gold from Ghana or Guinea to Hongkong China with over 25% profit for each gold trade, 1-4 times fund turnover in gold trade each month. The operational sequences are as follows: 1.We deposit USD 200,000 to 5 million to central bank or other banks in Ghana or Guinea with trail order of USD 200,000. 2. The gold seller in Ghana or Guinea delivers the good to the central bank or other banks of the country. 3. The gold will be extracted and purified and the gold content will be tested by the central bank or other banks of the country, and we will also inspect randomly with gold tester. 4. The gold flight express package will be taken by the Emirates Airlines, and we buy 110% insurance. 5. Gold seller goes through all export formalities.6. We will pay money to gold seller according to 50%-60% discount with gold market price of London. 7. The Emirates Airlines will deliver package to bonded warehouse in Shanghai or Shenzhen, or to warehouse of gold security company in Hongkong. 8. The buyer in Hongkong tests gold content at bonded warehouse in Shanghai or Shenzhen, or at warehouse of gold security company in Hongkong. 9. The buyer in Hongkong pays money to us according to 90% discount with gold market price of London. 10. We remit money to the bank account of Ghana or Guinea for next transaction. 11. In line with specified procedures above for cycle operation. The gold content of 94% in Ghana or Guinea can be sold with around USD 25,000 per KG. First trial order is 5 KG, then transaction amount will be increased with maximal transaction of 200-500KG per time. Project advantages: 1. low capital, less payment, less investment with high profit. 2. The communicative channels multiple parts of upper resources and lower resources have been connected. 3. The whole process of trade operation and risks can be controlled. 4.With high turnover, annual average profit can reach 200%. 5. We have established a friendly relationship with the President, Prime Minister and Council Chief in Ghana or Guinea.
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