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Project Description
Project Name
Jianshi County, with an annual output of 1 million tons of ’rare treasure’ of selenium rich strontium mineral water products construction project
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Investment Mode
venture, cooperation, wholly-owned
Industry true residents services, repair and other services industry
Location Asia,
Project Advantages Jianshi County selenium resources exposed land area of nearly 480 square kilometers, is the largest contiguous area, the average selenium level of the highest content of selenium rich biosphere, the average 17.7ppm levels of selenium content in the soil, ’rich kingdom’ called. Within the tiger hole and odd sheep dam fish spring rich in resources, is a natural spring water, water source. The ’national drinking water quality supervision and inspection center’ test, ’rare treasure’ in addition to containing potassium and magnesium ions, two indicators of selenium, strontium content was more than two times more than the national standard, as the world‘s rich selenium and strontium mineral water resources unique.
Project validity period Two years
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Estimated Investment
Total amount of project capitals 15000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Total amount of investment to be attracted 15000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue  Ten thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected investment payback period 10 Year
Expected employment figure 100 People
Project description
Description of environment protection

No negative impact on the environment

Description of investor conditions
A high degree of social responsibility and the ability to invest in various types of enterprises
Description of project contents
market analysis With the improvement of Chinese living standards, product series of drinking natural mineral water is rich in a variety of chemical groups are beneficial to human health and trace elements, more and more welcomed by the vast number of consumers, showing the trend of mineral water instead of pure water. Combined with the domestic and international mineral water industry average annual growth rate of analysis, in the next few years, with the pure water market shrinking, drinking natural mineral water consumption of the average annual growth rate will be higher than the international average market growth rate forecast up to about 12% by 2020 to reach 27.5 liters, the total consumption will reach 11 million 500 thousand tons and 36 million tons. Therefore, the development of selenium rich mineral water products, the market prospect is good. Construction content and scale Construction of an annual output of 1 million tons of natural selenium rich mineral water and selenium rich tea beverage products. Main construction content: 1, the new production of selenium enriched mineral water production line and a selenium oolong tea beverage production line two; 2, the construction of new office buildings, factories, warehouses (raw materials, finished goods warehouse) and other civil engineering, supporting the corresponding inspection and testing, logistics equipment, and other supporting facilities. Investment estimate Projects with a total investment of 800 million yuan, of which: 298 million yuan investment in equipment, construction costs 260 million yuan, the cost of 26 million yuan, the mining right resource costs 20 million yuan, marketing costs 51 million yuan, 100 million yuan of liquidity, borrowing period interest 45 million yuan. Funds raised 320 million yuan self financing plan, bank loans of $240 million, foreign financing of $240 million. Benefit analysis According to financial analysis, after the completion of the project profit margins can reach more than 29%, the internal rate of return of 63%, the dynamic investment recovery period of 2.9 years. Project schedule At present, the Enshi selenium spring mineral water Co., Ltd. exclusive buyout of the natural resources of the Jianshi County tiger hole rich selenium, strontium rich mineral water resources, production and management.
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