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Project Description
Project Name
Jianshi County high Yan Zi scenic area tourism development project
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Investment Mode
venture, cooperation, wholly-owned
Industry true residents services, repair and other services industry
Location Asia,
Project Advantages Special geographical location. Takawa Ko is located in two provinces and cities in Jianshi, Chongqing, Wushan, Fengjie, the junction of the three counties, an elevation of 1460 - 2090.1 meters, Taiping peak stands here, enjoy the roof of Jianshi, said. Elevation drop large, the project can avoid the light season of tourism management points. Takawa Ko farm built in 1963, the total area of 3436 hectares, 35 km long from north to South and 6 km wide, rich forest vegetation, the forest coverage rate reached 95.4%, the stumpage 250 thousand cubic meters. In addition to the introduction of Japanese Larch and pine willow two timber trees, Liriodendron, birch, bitter peach, wood paint, azalea, jasmine and other native vegetation up to as many as 50. The rocks have inch waist stone, with a couple of Taiping peak, lookout, three county, pile peak, red reservoir and water diversion tunnel, West Bay drift waterfalls and other natural landscapes form. In the project area to build the provincial highway through the territory, North Yinchuan high-speed export exchange convenient, from the Shanghai Chengdu West expressway, Wanzhou railway, En Shi Airport, Wushan Goddess Peak Airport, Wushan port on the Yangtze River journey of about 2 hours, water, land and air transport. The development of the core area of the state-owned forest farm is no small difficulty, the original state of 3000 acres of Ping Ping plant idle land without controversy.
Project validity period Two years
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Project properties permitted
Estimated Investment
Total amount of project capitals 60000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Total amount of investment to be attracted 60000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue  Ten thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected investment payback period 10 Year
Expected employment figure 1000 People
Project description
Description of environment protection

No negative impact on the environment

Description of investor conditions
A high degree of social responsibility and the ability to invest in various types of enterprises
Description of project contents
market analysis Takawa Ko forest from Chongqing, Wuhan, Yichang, Wanzhou and other cities near the stove, there is a certain degree of visibility. Development of summer health, close to nature as the characteristics of forest leisure travel, has a unique advantage. The implementation of the project, based in Jianshi, connecting the surrounding, can form 2 hours tour, broad prospects. Construction content and scale The construction contents include Mountain Resort, health residential areas, ski resorts, zoo, campground, forestry and forest culture expedition, bonsai flower district, racecourse, roller coaster, mining area and adventure tourism real estate development, an area of 25 thousand acres of land planning. Investment estimate Scenic total investment 3 billion yuan. The structure of investment for infrastructure construction investment of 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan investment in environmental protection engineering, and scenic tourism project investment of 700 million yuan, 2 billion yuan summer leisure style town, woodland, forest compensation and personnel placement fee of 100 million yuan. Benefit analysis After the completion of the project, is expected to travel real estate, shops can profit 6 billion 200 million yuan, other tourism revenue of $100 million. The payback period is 7 years.
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